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I heard Morgan’s story again the other night. His ability to capture his audience with a rational and parallel thinking style while planting a seed for positivity in one’s lifestyle was next to brilliant. I highly recommend hearing this Gentlemen speak.

Scot Sabramsky

Morgan has an uncanny ability to bring clarity and simplicity to any challenge. Treat yourself to a conversation with him.

John Roldan

I met a truly wonderful human being! Not only did he share his business skills and knowledge with me, he also reminded me WHO I AM and WHAT I STAND FOR! I am so grateful to have met Morgan Pierce!

Morgan helped me to stop the downward spiral of my thinking and to get back to the positive space that I choose and love to exist in! It feels so good to be able to laugh again after so much crying lately! Thank you again Morgan! I am forever grateful to have crossed paths with you.

Tracy West Hodge

From the time we met, every conversation that I've had with Morgan Pierce has been not only inspiring but motivational. Morgan has been the driving force in helping me to reach my personal and career goals. I couldn't possibly share all the wisdom that Morgan has passed down over the years with the same energy and enthusiasm that he does on a daily basis. Morgan's Black Sheep Thinking is one of a kind, it's his passion and I wouldn't be where I am today without it!

Jess Pengelly

Morgan has an unparalleled skill when it comes to shaking you to the core, turning your thoughts inside out and then teaching you how to live your life to your full potential. He very carefully helped me to realize what was holding me back from being successful and then guided me to a positive direction to break ingrained habits that weren't serving me and to form new skills and habits that would lead me down a better path. Thank you for your help!

Becky Moore

The very first time I met Morgan I told him that he has an absolutely amazing brain, and after getting to know him I found that he also has an amazing heart! His coaching was what I needed to launch me into huge growth, both with my business and personally. He provided me with such clarity and confidence, breaking things down into doable and logical steps. I highly recommend Black Sheep Thinking for coaching sessions and for speaking opportunities!!!

Emily Prout

I had the honour and privilege to hear Morgan speak. His ability not only to capture a crowd but to tune into individual people is remarkable. His enthusiasm is contagious and knowledge is vast. Morgan does an amazing job at really making you see your self-worth, allowing you to put your life into perspective and drive towards your goals and dreams. His message of the power of positive thinking and not letting your inner voice of negativity get in the way really resonated with me.

Thank you Morgan, for a truly memorable meeting. You are incredibly fantastic and such a bright light in this world.

Efthimia McEvoy

From the moment I met Morgan I knew he was one-of-a-kind. We chatted for a bit, and when I left our meeting I felt lighter and happier. At first I didn't even realize why, but after some time to think about it I realized that it's because he asked me some great, challenging questions, listened to my answers, and offered astounding advice (even within only a few minutes of chatting). I felt like I made some personal and professional progress just by that one discussion. Thanks Morgan! You have a serious gift.

Allison Grange

I had the privilege of being apart of one of Morgan Pierce's presentations. As a person with people close to me that have had recent struggles, this presentation opened my eyes to what the world they are seeing is like. He was very passionate about what he was saying and that sticks with you as you listen and even days after. I believe every student should be given the opportunity to sit and listen to Morgan and his story as it has helped me and hopefully others.

Jake Blodgett

I'm a big fan of Morgan Pierce. Writing a review about him and Black Sheep Thinking is difficult, because it's hard to condense, or even put into words, just how life changing his philosophy is. I met him about a year ago, and ever since then he's had an important role in my life. Every conversation is meaningful. Every word that comes out of his mouth is from the depths of his experience and life as a black sheep. If you're not happy, need to get your financials in order, or just need someone to talk to and figure out what you want in life - there's no better person than this guy.

Jesse Louise