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Corporate Workshops

For years, workshops have focused on the “X” and “O” of strategy, sales techniques, and workflow.  However, the modern workforce is about the people.  If they are happy, connected, and whole they will lift your business to the next level.  If you want to take your team to the next level, take a look at the options I have created below.

Culture Changer Talk

Are your Employees under immense pressure and stress?  Is your culture suffering?  Are you worried your team is burning out?

How impactful would it be for your team to be able to become stronger and closer as a group?  Imagine them shifting to a more powerful and dynamic team?  How powerful would they be if they could just be happier?

Morgan Pierce has developed a discussion that aligns your culture and connects your entire team to shared understanding. This interactive discussion won’t just make them happier Employees; it will make them happier people.

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I saw (my staff) shift and it’s quite an experience to see it right before your eyes. They are so thankful for the afternoon, I’ve heard from all them. I can’t thank you enough!

Donna Cowle - Office ManagerMadden, Sirman and Cowle Law Office

Genesis Process Option

Would you like to take your company mindset training to another level with an unique and immersive experience to nurture your staff or management team?

Black Sheep Thinking CEO, Morgan Pierce partnered with A Touch of Wellness Spa (Joanne McCormick) and Lilac Hill (Award Winning Designer Raphael Gomes) to bring you an immersive experience to heal your staff’s body, mind, heart and spirit.

Read the article published in ReFINEd Magazine   Download the Brochure

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