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Let Us Witness

Your Happiness.

Morgan Pierce in a Blue Suit

Morgan Pierce


I apply my background in Psychology, my life lessons, and continued research to get a better understanding of the problem and the solutions. I understand the foundation is choosing to be happy, but more importantly what it took to stay that way. I took parts of various solutions, processed them and made tools to help people – that are the SAME, yet DIFFERENT – be their own hero and live their happiest lives.

Andrew Potvin

Life Guide

My formal training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), that dives into the filters we create from a very early age (as early as in the womb) that hold us back from gaining long term happiness and fulfillment is what I use to help others make a shift in their lives towards gaining the happiness and fulfillment they desire.

Katlyn Alyssa

Empowerment Guide

I’m extremely passionate about empowering others in all areas, including business, life and finance. Through my own journey and the guides/coaches I have, I’ve experienced transformation in different areas of my life and I look forward to sharing those experiences with others.