Katlyn Alyssa

Have you ever wished you could meet someone that saw you for who you really are?  Someone that didn’t judge you, but could still challenge you to be your very best self?

Katlyn Alyssa is one of those people.

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I’m extremely passionate about empowering others in all areas, including business, life and finance.

Through my own journey and the guides/coaches I have, I’ve experienced transformation in different areas of my life and I look forward to sharing those experiences with others.

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Hello, I’m Katlyn, a Black Sheep here at Black Sheep Thinking. Welcome to the He(a)rd.

When I was a kid, I thought I had the perfect life. My mom and dad separated before I was born so all I ever knew was two families. When I was with my mom, I was the youngest of 5 kids – a blended family consisting of my mom, stepdad, half brother and 3 step siblings. When I was with my dad, it was just us and I was his entire world. I felt blessed that I got the chance to have the best of both worlds, a spoiled princess with my dad and a big family with my mom. Like most of us, there were times of stress, pain and worry but when I look back, I remember being happy.
At about 12, I had a shift in perspective and started to see the hatred between my mom and dad and their inability to put their differences aside for the sake of their child. I overheard the way they spoke to each other and felt unable to share with either one, for fear if it involved the other parent, it would upset someone – so I started to mask my identity and create versions of myself that would make each of them happy. Then I started doing it with everyone around me, leading to an irrational need to please others.

When I was 14, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and after a short three-month battle, she passed away at the age of 42. The years following her death were full of anger, hate, resentment, frustration and led me down a path I am not proud of. Unable to process the loss and the grief I was feeling, I instead turn to toxic positivity and believed that if I smiled enough, everything would be right in the world. For 14 years, I masked the pain of her loss with optimism and soaked up the praise when others said, “you’re so strong” and “you are so happy all the time, even after all you’ve been through”. I also started to seek attention and love in all the wrong places and used intimacy as a band aid to mask how broken I felt.

…and then life started to shift.

In 2013, I met my spouse, and my life started to shift. For the first few years, his unconditional love for me, made me happy and moving forward but then in 2017, my self-destructive behaviour returned, and I cheated on him. We separated for a few months and then began to rebuild our relationship. To this day, I believe his unconditional love for me is what made me realize that I needed to figure my shit out.

I dove into self-improvement, hired multiple coaches which helped me heal in many areas and opened my eyes to the lie I had been living. They helped me realize that I did not even know who I was and armed me with the tools to begin discovering who that is.
As an entrepreneur and business owner, I have experienced firsthand how my business and personal life are interconnected and how we do one thing is how we do everything. The stories I was telling myself created through the trauma I had endured was affecting all areas of my life.

Then I met Morgan Pierce and he changed everything. He helped me connect with the truth of who I am, that I am not defined by my past or my future, that the thoughts constantly going through my mind do not make up who I am but rather are just thoughts that I can choose to listen to or not.

When the opportunity arose for me to partner with Black Sheep Thinking and become an empowerment guide to empower others in the areas of business, life, and finance – I knew the universe was providing me a way to give back. A platform to share my story and help others connect with the truth of who they are, and that life can only be lived in the present.

I truly believe that if we can all come from a place of understanding, love and respect, we can not only live a life of fulfillment and happiness but also make the world a better place.

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